Acoustifoam Users Guide - Part 3

 Part 3: Inserting the Rubber Band

  1.  For rubber band insertion, please push the hook through the Acoustifoam at the desired angle.  Loop the rubber band through the hook and pull the rubber band through the shoulder rest.  See pictures below: 


Fig. 1 Thread Hook straight through Acoustifoam


Fig. 2 Thread Rubber Band through holes

  1. In the pictures above, the rubber band is going through the shoulder rest.  Depending on the positioning of  the shoulder rest you can also thread the band DIAGONALLY from one corner to the other.

Note: Your Acoustifoams will be shipped with a set of durable bands (called Acousti-bands).  Regular  rubber bands will also work but will wear out sooner.  See this page for more details on the Acousti-bands.


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